Confly is your video calling app

Confly stands out Among all video calling applications not only with a high quality and secure connection, but also with selected features to help you increase the efficiency of your meetings.


Video conferencing is just the beginning

Main Confly functionalities

Unlimited calls

Irrespective of the package, we offer unlimited 1:1 meetings. Confly Pro (and higher packages) enables unlimited meetings for more than 2 people.

HD quality

Confly meetings display in high definition, which increases the comfort of the meeting.

Joining a meeting with a link

No need to install any special program or application to start a meeting. You don't need to install anything, just click on the link.

Saving chat histories

Now you don’t need to copy a chat history. When the meeting is over, the chat history will be saved and waiting for you.

Meeting moderation mode

Your meeting can be easily moderated. Set mute mode, cast your votes, and turn each meeting recording on or off.

Email invitations

You don't have to think about informing participants about an upcoming meeting, Confly will do it for you by sending email invitations to the meeting.


Create a meeting agenda to shorten the actual time that a meeting lasts. Share the agenda with other participants so that anyone can follow it during the video chat.

Recording video calls

You can get up to 2 GB of storage space, depending on the package you select. If that turns out not to be enough, you can also buy additional drive space for your organization.

Drive space

W zależności od wyboru pakietu możesz posiadać nawet 2 GB miejsca na dysku. A jeśli to za mało, dokup dodatkowe miejsce na dysku dla Twojej organizacji.


Create notes during and after a meeting. Complete them with the chat history, agenda, and recordings.

Share screen

Share your screen in the highest possible quality so that each participant can easily follow the content you present.

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